Marvin Clad Ultimate Single Hung Next Generation with Lift Lock over Kitchen Sink

A Modern Innovation For a Classic Window

Locking Reimagined: From the bottom up.

A single hung window provides an excellent solution for hard-to-reach or extremely tall, heavy windows. With the recent debut of the innovative Marvin® Lift Lock hardware, the single hung solution is even better!

Designed With You In Mind

The Marvin Lift Lock moves the locking mechanism from the check rail to the bottom of the sash, creating easy access - to open, close, and even lock - for practically any difficult to reach window.

Now, operating your window is easier than ever; the Lift Lock unlocks and acts as a handle for raising and lowering the bottom sash. To lock, simply close the bottom sash. The operation of the window works well even with limited hand dexterity or range of motion. A shallow lip on the contemporary design or a small hook on the traditional design creates an ergonomic window solution that can be used in practically in any universally designed homes, commercial buildings, behind kitchen sinks, and more.

Download the Brochure to learn more about the sleek and innovative Marvin Ultimate Single and Double Hung Next Generation window line, and the new Marvin Lift Lock!

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